What Drives Us

Our team is focused on addressing three large market failures to enable a vibrant and successful ecosystem of climate adaptation solutions.  

  • Lack of Capital: Adaptation technology companies have insufficient access to flexible and appropriate capital to launch and scale their businesses. The vast majority of early stage funding in the climate space goes to mitigation companies. 
  • Immature Demand Signal: Governments and corporations who understand their climate risks still struggle to identify and procure the solutions they need to address those risks. Without a clear demand signal and uncertain funding for adaptation programs, adaptation solutions providers struggle to chart a path to market. 
  • Insufficient Ecosystem Support: The climate tech ecosystem is overwhelmingly focused on supporting mitigation solutions and lacks the programs and support needed to develop adaptation technologies. In addition, adaptation tech startups face distinct challenges, barriers to adoption, and market opportunities from their mitigation-focused peers, and would benefit from dedicated support with expert knowledge of the market. 

What We Do

To address these gaps, our work is focused on driving more capital into this innovation category, articulating market needs clearly to innovators, and enabling the deployment of climate adaptation and resilience solutions through curated programs. 

  • Innovation challenges and accelerators: We work with startups, government, corporations and adaptation practitioners to run dedicated innovation programs that identify the need for emerging adaptation technologies, accelerate and support prototyping and piloting, and establish partnership and commercial agreements.
  • Ecosystem strategy development: We work with visionary funders, ecosystem builders, and adaptation and resilience solution buyers to map out and build the future of the adaptation innovation ecosystem 
  • Thought leadership & convening: We publish content, organize events, and facilitate convenings with industry and government leaders focused on closing market gaps and advancing the adaptation innovation ecosystem 
  • Catalytic funding: We work with investors and partners to mobilize catalytic funding for adaptation solution providers building new products that help humanity build a resilient future  

Who We Work With


Startups that tackle emerging climate adaptation opportunities face unique challenges, ranging from finding supportive investors to overcoming procurement challenges to disrupting industry incumbents. We can help you navigate the market, establish product-market fit, refine your business model, raise capital, acquire customers, and overcome challenges such as developing your go to market plans and/or acquiring government customers. 


Corporations need resilience technologies to reduce their exposure to the physical impacts of climate change and protect communities. Many corporations also have a timely opportunity to offer new products that minimize these risks for customers and society at large. We can help you assess your next strategic innovation opportunities in this space, design impact-oriented internal and external innovation programs, and access and collaborate with startups and innovators. 


Stewards of public capital and governments designing and implementing new investment programs for adaptation and resilience often need strategic support. Governments ready to implement adaptation plans may need support identifying technologies and solutions that can enable the delivery of program benefits and impact goals. Our team can help design and execute innovation programs and plans, and refine investment strategies with governmental partners to accelerate adaptation impact. 

Private Investors & Banks

We work with impact and commercial investors looking to put capital to work towards adaptation and resilience solutions and companies. We help early-stage and growth investors develop or refine investment theses, identify opportunity areas, connect with other investors and innovators in the space, and address go-to-market and scaling challenges for portfolio companies. Our team also works with large financial institutions and banks to identify new product and opportunity areas while navigating and understanding the unique features of this dynamic and expanding market. 

Ecosystem Builders 

Visionary funders, universities, research labs, incubators, foundations, accelerators, community organizations, and fellowship programs all have a critical role to play to support the development of an innovation ecosystem for adaptation and resilience solutions. We work with foundations to identify systemic changes that will accelerate positive change at scale, and with universities and ecosystem builders to embed adaptation and resilience into existing or new incubators, accelerators and curricula. We partner with other ecosystem builders on projects, programs and outreach efforts to advance our mission and elevate others’ work. We are a thought-partner to those developing their plans to enter the climate adaptation innovation space. 

We want to hear from you! Have a challenge or opportunity beyond what we described above that you’d like to speak with us about? Please contact us.

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