Building a Resilient Future

Tailwind is an innovation studio focused on accelerating the deployment of climate adaptation and resilience solutions. 

The impacts of climate change call for rapid investment into and implementation of adaptation and resilience solutions to protect communities, ecosystems, and economic assets. 

We are on a mission to harness entrepreneurship and innovation to advance global climate resilience.

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What are Adaptation and Resilience Solutions?

Adaptation and resilience solutions are products and services that predict, prevent, mitigate and enable recovery from climate impacts like floods, heatwaves, storms, and wildfires.

Heat Resistant Materials

Water Harvesting Solutions

Advanced Air Filters

Disease Monitoring Systems

Eco-Concrete Seawalls

Our Work

We founded Tailwind to address three large failures in the market for adaptation and resilience solutions: the lack of dedicated capital, an immature demand signal, and the absence of ecosystem support for startups and SMEs focused on climate adaptation.

Our main activities include:

  • Innovation challenges, accelerators and technical assistance for startups, investors, corporations, and governments
  • Strategy development for ecosystem builders and funders
  • Thought-leadership and convenings for government and industry leaders
  • Mobilizing catalytic capital to bring patient, risk-tolerant capital to early-stage, mission-driven ventures

We believe we can redefine how humanity adapts to climate change, leveraging the power of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Who We Are

We are two women entrepreneurs with decades of experience in climate tech and adaptation. We founded Tailwind because we saw the urgent need for a climate adaptation innovation ecosystem.

We have spent our careers building, investing in, and growing companies, products and programs into global success. We know what it takes to build new solutions and get them to market.

We believe we can redefine how humanity adapts to climate change, leveraging the power of innovation and entrepreneurship to build a resilient future. 

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