America Adapts: Exploring America’s Leadership in Climate Resilience with Battelle

In episode 201 of America Adapts, Doug Parson partners with Battelle on their Innovations in Climate Resilience Conference, ICR24. This episode has a lineup of expert guests who will delve into the core of climate resilience.

  • First up is Justin Sanchez, a technical fellow at Battelle. Justin will ground us in Battelle’s unique approach to resilience and share insights into their early work in climate adaptation. He’ll also provide an exclusive preview of what to expect at ICR24.
  • Following Justin, we’re joined by John Conger of Conger Strategies. With extensive experience working in Congress and holding senior leadership positions at the Department of Defense, John will shed light on the crucial role of the public sector in climate resilience.
  • We’ll round out the discussion with Katie MacDonald from the group Tailwind, who will illuminate the strides the private sector is making in the adaptation space. It’s been a long time coming, and Katie will share some encouraging news and experiences from the forefront of private sector innovation. America has been a frontrunner in climate adaptation, and our three dynamic guests today will energize you with insights into the amazing developments happening right now.